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Local herbal remedies should only be used under the guidance
of a knowledgeable herbal medicine practioner!

Gwen anbafey blan, Phyllanthus amarus, is used for the common complaints of fever, chills, epwidan, and colds due to draught.  The leaf or whole tree issued by itself or boiled with chadon benni (Eryngium foetidum) and man-better-man root (Achyranthes aspera).  Other additions might include Cecropia schreberiana, Leonotis nepetaefolia, Citrus aurantifolia, Aristolochia trilobata, Ocimum spp., Chamaesyce hirta, Cucurbita pepo, Cocos nucifera, Cinnamomum verum and Cymbopogon citratus.  See these other plants for more details. Also a tea of gwen anbafeyblan is drunk for bellyache.  It is cautioned that only Phyllanthus amarus, gwen anbafey blan, is used and not Phyllanthus urinaria, gwen anbafey wouj, which one herbalist claims is smoked as an hallucinogen.  These plants are very similar, both having the seed under the leaf along the stem.

Verna Slane 1987