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Local herbal remedies should only be used under the guidance
of a knowledgeable herbal medicine practioner!

Bidens pilosa,  zèb a zédjwi, needlegrass, reportedly helps women with sore breasts or lumps on the breast.  To make a poultice for this problem mix the plant with lard, take a cabbage leaf, pass it over fire, put the mixture on it and wrap the breast.  For children with bles, pound the plant, put in a little water, squeeze it, and a little coconut oil (Coco nucifera) and salt to this water and give to the child first thing in the morning, about a teaspoonful.  An infusion of needlegrass is drunk for diabetes or, for cooling, five leaves of needlegrass and five lemon buds are drawn separately in four ounces of water.  Drink 40 ounces a day.
For fevers, boil the leaves and sweeten.

Verna Slane 1987