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Local herbal remedies should only be used under the guidance
of a knowledgeable herbal medicine practioner!

Allium species, ti lonyon, chives
For tonsillitis the bulb end of the chives is crushed and rested on the handle of a spoon and the handle rested on the tonsil.  Then a twist of hair on top the head is twisted tight and tied with a string.

If you bathe with garlic essence or sprinkle your house with it, it is said to prevent or break an obeah spell.  Or spray your place of business to prevent someone from ``tiening’’ it.  For itch all over your body, a rub is made with nine drops of olive oil, nine drops of turpentine and coupida oil then white wine drunk into which has been added nine drops of blood from a rooster’s comb, nine garlic clovers and a teaspoon of reindeer horn powder.  For gas a decoction is made of leaves of patjouli (Pogostemon cablin) the yellow one is better; vane van (Ocimum gratisimum), a branch six to eight inches; and the skin of the garlic.  For hoarseness, rub the soles of the feet before the fire with garlic and lard well beaten together.  For foule crushed garlic is added to crushed pata gonn (Boerhavia species) and tied on the heel.  The raw juice of garlic, if applied directly to the skin, can cause blistering.Fonn san is used in a tea to give to someone who has had a stroke.  Also in the tea is planten (Plantago major), miskad (Myristica fragrans), cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum), and half a sour orange (Citrus aurantium).  A pinch of sugar and a pinch of salt are added to the warm tea.  This tea is called sangwi.

Verna Slane 1987