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Local herbal remedies should only be used under the guidance
of a knowledgeable herbal medicine practioner!

Veneral disease and rashes caused by it are treated with sachpawè, Agave caribaeicola or Yucca aloifolia.  Three inches of the root are boiled (it turns red like a Ju-C) and the water put into a quart bottle with a tablespoon of Epsom salts.  This given two tablespoons at a time morning and night.  Sachpawè and Epsom salts are also used as blood purifier to treat lota, and for menstrual problems. With fle makata (Caesalpinia pulcherrima), ponm pwezon (Solanum capsicoides), cheese, olive oil, la bonm de jese and lard added to saspawé, a decoction is given to treat a  person "when blood goes up in the head and makes them kind of crazy.’’  Sachpawè may also be used to alleviate menstrual cramps.

Verna Slane 1987