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Primulaceae family

Ardisia elliptica
Thunberg, Nov. Gen. Pl. 8: 119.  1798.

Popgun tree
Naturalized shrub of wet semi-open and shady secondary areas at low elevations.
Common Castries, rare/absent elsewhere.
Native to tropical Asia, Japan.
FLA mentions Ardisia solanacea but  probably refers to the above species.

An invasive species globally. Probably arrived as a cultivated ornamental. Here it can form dense populations in full sun or shade in very disturbed areas in river flood plains, Castries to Marisule and Union.
Possibly could be considered invasive, although it is not clear what harm it is doing - were it to spread to the very biodiverse but disturbed Anse La Raye river valleys it could become invasive by replacing indigenous plants.