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Local herbal remedies should only be used under the guidance
of a knowledgeable herbal medicine practioner!

Curcuma longa (turmeric) a common seasoning, is used medicinally for bles, as a poulice or with other herbs in a tea.  As a poultice, it is pounded and applied or the juice squeezed and mixed with oil, salt, keg butter and bonmdidjez.  As a tea the root is boiled 10 to 15 minutes and drunk with a little salt or a two-inch piece boiled with gonmyé modi (Bursera simaruba),  (a two-inch piece with outer layer removed), and four leaves of chapantyé (Justicia pectoralis). Another tea made with three leaves of black sage (Cordia matinicensis), three leaves of the large calabash (Crescentia cujete), three inches tjitjima and a branch of sweet basil (Ocimum micranthum), is also for bles.  For a cough, two inches of tjitjima is boiled with four inches of  jiwof fle (Lantana camara) and four inches of charpantyé, a little sugar added. ``If you put it in your food it gives it taste and cleans up the blood’’.

Verna Slane 1987