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Lauraceae family

Aniba ramageana
, Jahrb. Konigl. Bot. Gart. Berlin 5: 494.  1889.

Lowyé kannèl
Lesser Antillean endemic
Rare tree of lower montane rainforest.

A famous tree with excellent wood for furniture, over-exploited in the past to the point of extinction. Old stumps are often seen as the wood is very resistant to rotting. Now recovering naturally in the rainforest reserve and also by forestry plantings.
Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia.

This taxon had been locally incorrectly called Cinnamomum elongatum (Nees) Kostermans. New determination was made by Hank van der Werff (Mobot) 2006 from flowering and fruiting specimens collected by myself and Melvin Smith.
Adams Toussaint of the Department of Forestry  brought a Lauraceae tree to my attention which was determined by Franklin Axelrod (UPRRP) to be the true Cinnamomum elongatum (Nees) Kostermans